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Vertical Video Card Gpu Mounting Bracket

This is a fantastic graphics Card holder Bracket that can Mounting on to a Vertical computer, it withstood a few washes in the dishwasher and other similar processes. It also comes with a Vertical Video card, this product is a practical value for the price you pay.

Phanteks Gpu Bracket

Looking for a reasonable and sturdy graphics Card holder to keep your device safe and secure? Analyze this product is designed to protect your device by holding it on top of it while you are desktop, this Vertical graphics Card holder Bracket is designed to accept a graphics Card out of the box. It's a small, compact design that can be attached to a monitor or author a custom card, the graphics Card is able to suit comfortably in the bracket'srilless included base. The Bracket also includes a material that helps to keep the graphics Card in place, making it more resistant to movement, this is a Vertical Video Card holder Bracket for that include a vga support. It compatible with most cards that have a vga support, the Bracket can be attached to the back of the Card or using a standoff. The Bracket can also be used to hold multiple cards, conceding that using a shared computer, this is a strong, sturdy solution for holding videos in 1080 p or higher resolution. The Bracket also supports 5 v sync, which makes it a splendid way for use a Video Card in a device that needs to be power cycled.