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Dresser Mirror Mounting Brackets

This Dresser Mirror Mounting brackets is designed to allow you to add a new layer of protection for your Dresser or bedroom, it is manufactured from high-quality materials and it looks beneficial and works great. The Dresser Mirror Mounting brackets is facile to order and it will arrive quickly and efficiently.

Mirror Supports Brackets And Mounts

Mirror supports brackets and mounts them to the back of the arm, the brackets provide a stable and comfortable position for reading. The Mirror is manufactured of old maple and presents beveled shoulders and an 1910-1920 style mount, the Mirror is in excellent condition with no damages. It is currently on display in my home, this Mirror is an oldie but a goodie - it grants beautiful brackets added for extra movement. The finish is an old with a bit of wear and tear, the brackets are old looking this antique maple Mirror swivel beveled c 1910 -1920 w support brackets Mirror is an unequaled addition to you rold dresser. It gives beautiful brackets added for extra movement, this Dresser Mirror support brackets is manufactured of ethan allen post-frunk fabric. It's a peerless piece to add a touch of elegance to evey space, the Dresser Mirror support brackets is mistake-free and offers a tag. It's also comfortable to use, with a rubber feet for added stability, this is a quality replacement Dresser Mirror brackets for an antiques shop. The brackets are swivel and beveled, and support brackets included, the brackets are in two sizes - small and large - and have different items on the shelves that can be seen from the mirror. The Mirror brackets are top surrogate to update your look and feel, and make your store look modern and sleek.