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Armstrong Engine Bracket

Armstrong heavy duty io sterndrive engine bracket is perfect for attaching to your bike to provide stability and power during hard races. The yanmar mount allows for swimming with the bike in water or taking it for a walk in the pool. The swim platform also includes a carbon fiber handlebar and seat.

Armstrong Engine Bracket Walmart

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Top 10 Armstrong Engine Bracket

This bracket is designed to attach to the engine to provide access to the yanmar swim platform. The brackets also allow for the attachment of other heavy engine accessories such as the yanmar team kit and air filters. this yanmar swim platform engine bracket is for the armstrong yanmar limited edition swim platform. It is made of heavy-duty material and will protect your platform from abuse. The bracket is angle-able to be positioned in a variety of directions, making it perfect for multiple uses. The bracket helps keep the engine running and in the water, while it is in use. The bracket is made of sturdy materials and is a great way to keep the engine running and looking good.