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2001 Dodge Dakota Brake Caliper Bracket

This is a pci Bracket for the 2001 Dodge Dakota 3, 9 l 4 x2 lh left front caliper. It mounts to the arm s of the car using a connies permanent mounting bracket, the Bracket is moreover capable of holding the Caliper in 4 th position. This allows for , , manual Caliper access or if using an automated system, the automatic release system will release the Caliper for you.

2001 Dodge Dakota Brake Caliper Bracket Amazon

This is an 2001 Dodge Dakota braked Caliper bracket, the Caliper is used on the right front Brake of the car. The extends a few marks from use but is in good condition, the id sticker shows the year and make of the car, the car this is an outstanding condition for your car. It is produced from quality materials and in good condition, this is an 2001-2002 Dakota that extends a front lh rh Bracket fit. The Bracket is to tailor the Caliper perfectly, the Bracket is produced of metal and is drilled and to allow the Caliper to tailor perfectly. The two screws are also to allow the Caliper to be fitted perfectly, this is an 2001 Dodge Dakota Brake Caliper Bracket for an 97-17662 b or 00-02 Dakota durango. It is fabricated from durable materials and comes with a heavy-duty chain and this is and is only for purchase by or for use on a vehicle within the united states, for purchasing a vehicle outside of the united states, please contact our sales team for assistance.